Trust Me, I’m an Economist

I’m not an economist. And neither are the politicians who keep referring to ‘the economy‘ as some kind of divine justification for all their political machinations.

Mitt Romney says President Obama’s remarks that “the private sector is doing fine” prove how out of touch the President is with the American people. This from the man reportedly worth $250 million.… [Read more]

Pageantry in the Face of Austerity

The Diamond Jubilee in commemoration of the 60-year reign of Queen Elizabeth II has been a pretty spectacular affair.  Especially so in light of the economic news we’ve become more used to hearing out of Europe. In fact, last week Mario Draghi, the head of the European Central Bank warned that the current structure of the European Union and its problematical currency, the Euro, was unsustainable.… [Read more]

East vs. West in the Great North

It seems bizarre that one industry, centered exclusively in one region, could drive national policy – economic, environmental, and social – in a country as large and regionally diverse as Canada. But that is exactly what is happening. If there is one unifying theme to the Harper Government’s ‘Omnibus Budget Bill’ C-38, it is the expansion of the Alberta tar sands (please don’t be fooled by their misleading re-branding as oil sands – the resource is thick, dirty bitumen, not like crude oil from conventional oil wells).… [Read more]