Compromise is Cheap

Ok, so last week’s unemployment report was less than spectacular with only 84 thousand jobs created. Not good enough!!! President Obama must go down!!! …No, hold on a minute! Let’s put this in perspective — it is still job growth.

Remember, the President did have to deal with preventing another Great Depression after being handed the worst economic mess one can imagine from the Right wing.… [Read more]

Romney Revealed – Yet Again!

Several news media have suggested that Mitt Romney cannot win the presidency without the Latino vote. I’m not so sure about this, as what matters is voter turnout.

As we all know now, President Obama, fed up with the do nothing, obstructionist Congress, acted on his own by issuing an executive order stopping deportation of young Latinos, and allowing them to continue in college.… [Read more]

“…that’s, that, that, that, that issue was passed.”

“…that’s, that, that, that, that issue was passed” …That was Rick Santorum responding to questions regarding his support for Mitt Romney. Santorum just can’t get out the enthusiasm for his fellow Republican and presidential nominee — what’s up with that? Maybe he knows what many others know.

How about 40 thousand jobs lost as governor of Massachusetts?… [Read more]

Honoring Our Military

Hopefully, all of you enjoyed this Memorial Day weekend. It is appropriate to take a moment to give thanks and honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice so that we as a nation can pursue liberty as we know it today. It may not be perfect but what we have is due, in great measure, to our military.… [Read more]

Betty White for Obama

Betty White normally does not indicate whom she supports in presidential elections — but this time around she is for President Obama. Hopefully, Right wing LooneyToons like Rush won’t pounce on her, though I think she can defend herself well.

We can expect Betty ,who is 90, to exercise her right to vote in November. We can be thankful that her right to vote is secure even though today in 2012 there are those such as Jesse Peterson, a conservative preacher and regular guest of Sean Hannity on Fox, who said in a recent video “it was a mistake to allow women the right to vote.”… [Read more]

Rubio – No Moderate

Former U.S. Surgeon General Richard Carmona, who is running for Senate as a Democrat in Arizona, commented that Marco Rubio‘s scaled-down version of the Dream Act is just a “political calculation” aimed and getting the Latino vote. The Progressive Latino agrees with Carmona and hopes that all Latinos, especially those in influential positions, see Rubio for what he really is:  a Tea Party right-winger who is positioning himself as the voice for Latinos — and that is just not so.… [Read more]

Right Wing Hypocrisy

The right-wing primaries have exposed Mitt Romney for what he is – an individual who will say what it takes to get the vote. The unfortunate outcome is that the Right Wing will line up like ducks and vote against their own best interests while life goes on for the Ring-wing elite…so don’t assume President Obama is a done deal as the Rights’ hate for him transcends any logic, and is up to progressives to get out the vote.… [Read more]

The Right-Wing’s Secret Weapon to Win 2012

Looks like Mitt Romney will end up being the Republican Presidential nominee.  So who’s the Vice President in waiting?

Some, like Florida Governor Jeb Bush, would like it to be junior US Senator from Florida, Marco Rubio. Yes, their secret weapons is Rubio!  The GOP figures that once Latinos hear Rubio is the VP nominee, they will all come out to the streets and dance away the night to the sounds of Mariachi — wetted down with Patron Tequila!!  … [Read more]

Republicans’ Disregard for Latinos

The Right-Wing Presidential wannabes can kiss the Latino vote goodbye. Normally, when you have respect for others, you tend to be sensitive to their condition. Throughout  the campaign however, the 3 Stooges have made it clear they don’t plan to seek the Latino vote to win.  They prefer the Ring-Wing base-haters and Tea party activists’ prejudiced view of a White America.… [Read more]

What’s the Big Deal with Contraceptives Anyway?

I’ll tell you what’s the big deal – not having access to contraceptives due to trumped up religious dogma violates a woman’s right under the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.  The 1st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution states, ” Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof“.   … [Read more]