The How to Think Series for Political Survival – Part 1: Malignant Trust

It’s no secret that Robert Rapplean (otherwise known as my husband) and I love to collaborate on projects. We met while working for the same company and, after a scandalous romance resulting in one of us getting fired, eventually settled down to co-produce some podcasts, run a gubernatorial campaign, lead a Batleth team, develop and test a better Batleth, and raise some socially-responsible and politically-savvy offspring (this project is still in progress).… [Read more]

Civil Political Discussions…with Grandma?

It started with my husband’s grandmother. The dear, sweet, old lady we had the pleasure of visiting a few short years ago found Facebook and,  at least from my perspective, lunged out of her political closet, flaming our liberal friends, arrogantly peddling her Fox News views and generally making a hot, conservative mess of herself all over our virtual social scene.… [Read more]