Strati: The World’s First 3D Printed Car

According to a recent report, almost 95% of American households own at least one car. Even though most people today own or have owned a vehicle, few know about the detrimental environmental effects that go into manufacturing their dominant means of transport. Auto production leaves a giant footprint because of all the materials involved in making a car fit for the road – not to mention, the huge expense of manufacturing the same.… [Read more]

3D Printing: Fabricating a New World

A young lady holds up her favorite writing pen she likes to use. It is a black ink pen with a plastic body, a metal spring component, and a rubber sleeve next to the tip for finger comfort. She looks at the pen, and decides that she wants another just like it, so she locates the manufacturing code issued to this pen and enters it into a field box on her smartphone.… [Read more]