A Problem With Religion

There are a lot of reasons to not adhere to a religion: more free time on the weekends, fewer dietary restrictions, less guilt associated with your own existence. As a non-religious person, I am an outsider, and as an outsider I can look at a situation like the attack that occurred in Benghazi, Libya, last Tuesday¬†and see it objectively and without spiritual preconceptions.… [Read more]

Outrage in Benghazi

News reports continue to come in on this breaking story. Factors, such as the September 11th date, and the heavily armed and choreographed attack have some in the Pentagon considering if there was an al Queda attack, and not the less well-organized demonstrations seen in Cairo.

U.S. Ambassador John Christopher Stevens and three others were barely dead in Benghazi as the Mitt Romney campaign rushed in to condemn the Obama Administration.… [Read more]