Friday News Roundup

Those of you familiar with this scribe know that I follow the news diligently. Some stories in particular caught my attention this week so I now present to you Patrick’s Friday News Roundup. Authorities rescued a 7-foot alligator found in an Ohio man’s basement. The alligator is malnourished, has bone disease from a lack of sun for 15 years and, thanks to teenagers taunting him, hates teenagers.… [Read more]

‘Un-American’ Laws Rising on American Soil

Call it coincidence, or something else, but it looks like the closer the existing federal government gets to the next Presidential elections, the harder things are becoming for animals in America. Don’t be misled into thinking that this scribe is getting sarcastic here — “animals” here means what it has literally meant all along. Hard indeed it is not to notice the frequency as well as gravity of the new laws churned out of the legislative machinery with the President’s signature.… [Read more]