Animal Rights: Saving Andalusians

Known throughout their centuries-long history as the Horse of Kings the Andalusian was prized for their kind, intelligent and courageous nature. They were war horses, tools of diplomacy and trusted companions of novice riders. Today they are the most elegant of dressagers. Now they are also known as dinner.

In the economic boom years of Spain breeders increased their herds as demand for this elegant horse skyrocketed.… [Read more]

Campaign Launched to Help Victim of Injustice in Michigan

Overstepping the values of good judgment and turning a deaf ear to public outcry, a Monroe County court in Michigan in December 2012 killed four boxers labeled “vicious” by the local animal control. The dogs were let out by strangers who opened the door to the house while the owner, Tim Iocoangeli, was away. The dogs, defensive over newborn pups in their home, bit a teenage girl who was reportedly trespassing on the property of the owner.… [Read more]

Daddy No Write Column Today. Shiloh Write Column.

by Shiloh Marie Schmalfeldt German Shepherd, Age 6

Daddy too busy write column. Shiloh write column. Daddy watch football, do podcast. Daddy nice.

Why for people not nice?  Why for people mean to each other? Why need guns?  Guns scare Shiloh.  Guns scare Raven, too.  She my big sister, border collie, 8 years old. She pretend brave, but Shiloh know better.… [Read more]

Communicating with the Animals – Interview with Bernie Siegel

Editing the coming issue of my journal Recovering the Self, which is themed “animals and healing”, I read the interesting and thought-provoking article by Bernie Siegel, M.D.  In his article, called “Communicating with the Animals”, Bernie Siegel tells about the verbal as well as non-verbal communication between him and his pets and relates it to the process of healing.… [Read more]

Barbaric Cultural Killing of Goats in Nepal

This past week was terrible in the news that interests animal rights advocates because of the heartless killing of the now well-known dog Lennox in Belfast, Northern Ireland (United Kingdom). Lennox was ripped from his family in 2010 by officials of the Belfast City Council (BCC) who took it to court with the label that it was dangerous.… [Read more]

There’s a Lot to Say About Betty

At 90 years young she’s still a lovely, funny and charming dame. Her spirit, animal rights activism, and ability to call it like she sees it (remember this clip?) makes her a forever favourite. There’s so much that can be said about Betty White…but, for now, we’ll just say “We Love You!” — and after making her support of President Obama public, ‘smart’ has been added to the many adjectives that describe why we do. … [Read more]