How Does Touch ID Really Work?

Newer Apple devices like the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 6 allow users to unlock the Home screen with a fingerprint instead of a passcode. Those unfamiliar with the new Touch ID technology may wonder how it works and how secure it really is. What happens if your fingerprint won’t read? How likely is the sensor to break?… [Read more]

McCain Gets His iPhone Wish

As a political columnist who has been guzzling the Cupertino Kool Aid in the late Steve Jobs’ “Reality Distortion Field” from the days of the original mid-80s 128k Mac, I just had to wonder.

Arizona Sen. John McCain (R-Geritol) groused to Apple CEO Tim Cook at a multinational corporate tax hearing last month as to why Sen.… [Read more]

“I’m A Mac” Apple Becomes Most Highly Valued Company In U.S. History

On the heels of Apple reaching record high stock values, was a report that competitor Dell missed forecasts yet again.

Full Disclosure: “I’m a Mac.”  I joked that I “did” Windows only under duress and with a paycheck and a dental plan. Having sampled the other flavors of Unix/Linux, they stayed in the *nix Baskin-Robbins freezer.… [Read more]