Israel’s Pathology

I once had a conversation with an ultra orthodox Israeli man about Israeli culture. In the course of the conversation we spoke about food, one of my favorite pastimes, and I began telling him about my favorite “Israeli” dishes. Much to my surprise, he interrupted me and said, “there is no such thing as Israeli food.”  … [Read more]

Iraq? The Name Does Sound Familiar

Hey remember Iraq? The mainstream media does on occasion.

It’s funny how a country which once dominated the mainstream media airways only a few years ago is barely mentioned nowadays. One story that did get substantial play this week was the fact that Monday was Iraq’s deadliest day of this year, with mainly Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia (AQM) orchestrated attacks reverberating around the country leaving 116 dead.… [Read more]

Foiling Peace

Whenever we hear the words, terrorist or bombing our minds immediately revert to Arabs.  The picture that one conjures in his/her mind is usually that of a tan-complexioned man with a turban wrapped around his head. This is the image mainstream media has programmed into the brain computer of the masses, quite effectively. We especially think this when it’s involving the region of the Middle East.… [Read more]