Immigration Today: How the Laws are Changing and Why

For more than a decade, United States immigration policy has been at the forefront of a fierce legislation battle. While both sides of the political aisle have traditionally focused immigration enforcement rather than immigration reform, years of inflated enforcement spending with few results to show for it have led public opinion to shift in favor of more effective alternatives.… [Read more]

Jan Brewer: The Face of Arizona

I just discovered that Jan Brewer, the Governor of Arizona does not have a college degree. Born in California, Brewer attended Glendale Community College where she received a Radiology Technologist certificate, but never earned a degree.  Perhaps this is why she has cut funding for Arizona’s education state-wide.

The irony, here, is that Jan Brewer got into politics by joining her local school board because she was interested in her childrens’  education.… [Read more]

Systemic Faults

Honestly, I wasn’t too surprised to hear that the Supreme Court upheld Arizona’s  “lemme see your papers” doctrine; such laws are completely constitutional, and, furthermore, illegal aliens are guaranteed precisely zero protections under the U.S. constitution. Also, we need to keep American jobs for Americans and Mexicans are a drain on our already-burdened social welfare system.… [Read more]