Dear Mrs. Vera: Can Paula Deen redeem herself?

Dear Mrs. Vera,

Can you think of any way that our beloved Paula Deen can redeem herself?

Fondest regards, your friend, Emeril J. Lagasse

Dear Emerald J-Lo Gassy,

You have always been a kind, generous and spicy soul, and it is to your credit that you show compassion to Ms. Deen in what is not her finest hour in the oven or 4 minutes per side in the frying pan.… [Read more]

Dear Mrs. Vera: Should We Be Eating Stem-Cell Bacon?

Dear Mrs. Vera,

Should we be eating Stem-Cell Bacon?

Miss Rumpled Pig Skin, Peoria

Hello Dear Readers! One of the perks of writing a political advice column is the exposure I get to the endless variety of problems facing people faced with problems, and the satisfaction one gets from imagining helping even one single person along the way, at some point.… [Read more]