How is India Turning Out More Self-Sufficient Kids?

Along with Brazil, China, Russia, and South Africa, the Republic of India is part of the BRICS bloc of nations that show the most promise in terms of rapid economic growth. Within this bloc, India and Brazil attract lots of attention due to the challenges they face in terms of eradicating poverty and dealing with large populations in need of adequate social development.… [Read more]

Education Before Literacy Reduces Poverty: Barefoot College

Education may not necessarily mean literacy. In fact the very definition of literacy shows it simply to be the ability to read and write, whereas education involves the gathering of knowledge that is focused in specific studies. Sanjit “Bunker” Roy (often referred to as “Bunker Roy”) understands this fact and it is one of the driving forces behind the continued development of his brainchild: the Barefoot College.… [Read more]