Why Dental Care Should Be Considered Part of Health Care for Insurance Purposes

With so much talk about traditional healthcare coverage, many people tend to forget that it doesn’t usually cover select services like dental or vision. Many progressive politicians like Bernie Sanders push for healthcare to be known as a human right, as it is necessary to survival. However, an important issue that needs to be resolved when discussing healthcare is: does dental count?… [Read more]

Presidential Superlatives

So far, this year’s presidential race has been anything but traditional. Studded with arguably unnecessary drama, twists and turns, the “politics” in this year’s race almost resemble a cliched high school story.

Playing off this fact, networking and reconnecting company Classmates decided to conduct their own presidential poll. Users were asked to assign non-traditional superlatives, much like in the senior year of high school, to all presidential candidates based on their old high-school yearbook photos and general characteristics as portrayed through their campaign.… [Read more]

My Mom likes Reagan and Trump. WBU?

Millennials (people born around 1983-2000) and their parents got along better than any generation measured before (many millennials even partially support their parents) and yet there is a fundamental difference in the political actions of millennials and the generations before them. I know, I stereotyped a whole generation, but we are talking trends (instead of individuals) and the trend says that the political ideal of the young and old are rapidly rupturing.  … [Read more]

Social Security’s Not on Negotiating Table, but Revenue-Raising Option Being Ignored

This week wraps up with the topic that promises to be the talk of Washington and the nation until it’s resolved one way or the other by January 1, 2013: the budget showdown, entitlement programs and the impending fiscal cliff. President Obama has repeatedly stated that Social Security is not on the fiscal cliff negotiating table but that message has been largely ignored by House Speaker John Boehner and congressional Republicans, and maybe even some Democrats.… [Read more]

Working Class Hero

This past Tuesday would have been John Lennon’s 71st birthday. My mind always takes me to him every October 9th; I can’t help it. I will play a Lennon song or two, and post on Twitter or Facebook. He was one of the voices I listened to back in the Viet Nam War era; his words and songs called to me — he told me in verse that we are all one, that no one is better than anyone else, and how people struggle daily to survive in the richest nation in the world.… [Read more]

Cash Cow for the Rich

The poor of America have become the cash cow of the rich. Think about that statement. The Rich, mostly old white Americans, are making millions on poverty. I don’t make this up; since 2000 we have created more millionaires than America has ever seen. Contrasted, the number of people falling into the ranks of the working poor has also gone up over the same time period.… [Read more]