Christie and Jindal: The Race to Rebrand the GOP (And Themselves)

In the months following the disastrous November elections, the Republican Party has engaged in a great deal of public debate and internally directed criticism in an effort to identify what went wrong and how to redirect party efforts so that they may regain the initiative. A schism between the Tea Party and the establishment wing of the GOP, always hovering just beneath the surface, erupted into a near civil war, with intra-party conflict peaking during the Fiscal Cliff crisis.… [Read more]

Will Republicans Vote for Bobby Jindal?

So…Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal is now on Mitt Romney’s short list to be his Vice President. This is quite a surprise for, though Jindal was born in Louisiana, he has a Hindu heritage and his parents are from India‚Äôs Punjab, an overwhelmingly Muslim area. This means Bobby is thickly coated with a double-whammy of foreignness, even if he speaks like a Chicago newscaster with an added hint of Southern cracker.… [Read more]