Six of the Most Prosecuted Cyber Crimes

We all spend a surprising amount of time on the internet these days. Our virtual world has quickly replaced the natural world in some ways. So it’s not surprising to realize crimes happen right alongside social media use, movie watching, and email checking. If you’re wondering just what type of online activity could land you in jail, read on and learn more about the most prosecuted cybercrimes today.… [Read more]

You’re so GAY!!’ – Schoolyard slander to Supreme Court sanction

In my own early 1970s Ontario Wonder Years, everyday adolescent language was at once piquant, ironic and flexible. ‘Tool’ was common currency for the least accomplished among us, ‘browner’ for the smarties, and ‘occies’ (occupational) as the blunt, dismissive reference to students with learning disabilities. I am not embarrassed by the memories – it was dispassionate chatter, and I am not at one with the sociologists and associated deep thinkers connecting their dots to elevate mere words beyond their station as purported evidence of ingrained hostility or intolerance.… [Read more]

June 24, 2012 – Weekly Wrap Up

Here on a Sunday, after watching the political pundits and “experts” do their partisan pontification, I’m thinking this: What were they thinking? Seriously…WHAT were they thinking?

Whenever the television is on, it’s inevitable that some news segment, (unreal) reality show or special report will air that makes that particular question the only logical thing to ask — but, in our world, “WTF?”… [Read more]

The Unlikely Bully

About 77 percent of all students have experienced verbal bullying of some sort. But when asking students about bullies, has anyone ever considered looking at the least likely source: their friends?

Verbal bullying itself is a growing problem in school; the physical fighting of the past is slowly turning into the silent, stealthy, and sinister passing of words.… [Read more]

The Pathologies of Mitt Romney

Much has been written and said about this issue over the last few days, so I will be brief on the background. In some of the reporting, the implications of what Mitt Romney did almost fifty years ago have been sometimes rationalized as a “youthful indiscretion.” According to five of his former classmates, when Mr. Romney was an eighteen year old senior at Cranbrook, a prestigious prep school, he didn’t like the looks of fellow classmate John Lauber.… [Read more]

What’s So Funny, Mitt?

The news came out yesterday that in high school, Mitt Romney was a bully. He was outed by five of his former prep school buddies, who painted a horrifying picture of young Willard terrorizing at least two underclassmen, both of whom were closeted homosexuals. One of the boys had bleached his hair blonde, which offended young Willard, so he and his posse chased down and tackled the student.… [Read more]

Bullying: Not Just A Lesson For Kids

The documentary, Bully, opened this weekend and the online world has been buzzing with anticipation.

The movie, made for under a million dollars, examines the effects of bullying in schools by getting the perspectives of five kids (and their families).  Two of those families lost their children to suicide due to the bullying.

Before even hitting the theaters, the film directed by Lee Hirsh was getting publicity. … [Read more]

Sometimes The Law Works Just Fine

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