Making the World Borderless: Elevating Human Rights and Democracy. It’s Needed Here, Too

Who would have thought that the simple act of visiting a neighbour could be seen as historic? In this day and age of global communication, technology that facilitates instantaneous news reports and high-speed travel, reaching out to people across the globe doesn’t present the same challenges as it did many years ago. Yet, in the world of politics and diplomacy – with all of its hurdles – making an active effort to learn about other cultures, seeking to come to a place of understanding and attempting to see issues from another point of view is seen as ‘historic’.… [Read more]

Travel Log: Cambodia

Striving towards becoming borderless involves traveling the world. How else can one really experience a culture without visiting?

The motor scooter defines Cambodia. Gas is sold by the roadside in 1/2- and 1-liter recycled Coke and Pepsi bottles. Many drivers do not wear helmets and are under 16 years old, both of which are “illegal” but unenforced.… [Read more]