The time is right to continue the strikes

Fast Food Forward, the group that organised protests in New York City, stated “No one can survive on $7.25 (per hour).” They’re correct — especially when one takes the cost of living in a large metropolitan area into consideration.

Across the country a couple of weeks ago, protesters gathered outside a host of fast-food restaurants to take part in a one day strike that called for higher wages for fast food workers.… [Read more]

Slicing Up the American Pie

I love pie; it’s my favorite dessert. It does not matter the type or the style; if it has golden crust and some sort of filling I can eat pie anytime. I don’t know anyone who does not like pie – and when it comes to slicing the pie it always becomes complicated as more and more want their share.… [Read more]

American Jubilee

America needs a Jubilee, a period of loan forgiveness, and a reset of the income disparity, From CEO to Janitor, starting with a Guaranteed Living Wage. The latest report on income disparity and CEOs is just another example how out of whack America has gone. It has been reported by the Department of Labor that over the last two years the average worker has seen his wages go down by 2%, CEO’s salaries have increased 43% and since 1978 CEO salaries have risen 725%.… [Read more]