Boulder’s 100-Year Flood & Weather Weirding

I have lived in Boulder for nearly 30 years and have never seen anything — weatherwise — like what I’ve witnessed these past two years.

Last summer, standing in the front yard of my friends’ home in east Boulder, I watched pine trees near the iconic Flatirons burst into flames like matchsticks. We were in the midst of a severe drought, which had sparked a spate of deadly wildfires.… [Read more]

Tagg Romney — Bloodthirsty.

We’ve all read that Taggart Romney, whilst being interviewed on the radio, quipped that he’d like to take a swing at President Obama for claiming that his father, Mitt, lied when he, um, lied.

And we all know that Tagg will probably never get the chance, what with the Secret Service and all. But there is something he can do to throw a figurative punch — he could simply buy an electronic voting machine company and rig the vote in his father’s favor.… [Read more]


It is less than a week after the shooting in Aurora, Colorado; the first victims are being buried, some wounded are leaving hospitals and gun sales are up over 40% since the murders. It seems, since this was such a high profile shooting, some people feel this will cause the Obama administration and other politicians go after their guns and since time maybe running out on their free access to weapons of mass destruction they are buying as many guns as they can.… [Read more]

Enough is Enough

I am saddened by the massacre in Colorado, the anger has not surfaced yet, I am stunned, in mourning. I don’t think I know any of the victims but, for some reason, this senseless killing feels so personal; I feel like every person who was killed, shot at, wounded, scared shitless and terrorized was a friend, family member and loved one.… [Read more]

Another Week Gone By: July 22, 2012

Some of us are wondering if a sensible conversation about guns will ever take place — or are we, as a nation, too far gone. After all, the NRA is one of the most powerful organisations in America; congressmen are theirs for the picking. In this culture, violence is brought out into the open and it is glorified while, simultaneously, mental health issues are still swept under the rug.… [Read more]

Seamus the Dog, Tax Controversies, and Magic Underwear – Why None of it Matters

In the wake of the Aurora, Colorado midnight movie tragedy, I’m going to make this brief. After all, sometimes there are more important things in the world than politics. Of course, I have no doubt that this nightmare will turn political in the coming days but for now, for today, I’ll forego my usual Friday column and leave you with this one paragraph from an article I was working on last night:

I often have a hard time with titles.… [Read more]