On Rape: Lindy West, Don’t Speak For Me

Oh, Lindy West…you assumptive, condescending, bitter woman, trying to speak for me.  Stop.

Stop using words like “victim” and “trivializing” in your high-pitched “Oh-Em-Gee” voice. Granted, you’re upset about rape, and the social commentary that goes along with the harsh, stark reality that some men (and some women) cannot control their sexual urges, allow their inner treachery to surface and, in turn, physically harm others.… [Read more]

Politisk Komedie (Norsk: Political Comedy)

How, pray tell, did we ever survive America’s endless campaigns without comedy?  Even those Michele Bachmann jokes didn’t make themselves up all on their own. Do we have to make it an Olympic sport?In 1968, The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour  got the first broadcast chuckles started with “Pat Paulsen for President.” I can remember, and have the AARP card to prove it.… [Read more]

Tosh Talk

Dear Daniel Tosh,

Dude.  You messed up.  Big time.

I know you want to blame everyone else or blow it off and use the tired excuse of “just kidding!” but let me repeat, YOU MESSED UP.

Let me handle this the way I would if you were a teenager in my classroom and you just said that to a girl in class who was uncomfortable with you joking about rape.… [Read more]

New Republican Debate to Focus on Breadth, Depth of Candidates’ Reagan Trivia

Sensing an overall lull in interest after approaching the 3652nd Republican Primary Debate of the 2012 election, RNC chairman Reince Prebus has announced that the next GOP debate will be focused exclusively around trivia relating to former President, and GOP man-God, Ronald Reagan.Prebus, in an exclusive interview to Borderless News and Views(BNV), said, “So we were all sitting around, trying to figure out how to try and get people interesting in the shit-slinging again.… [Read more]

Wall Street Is Confused?

Five hours of gentle sipping on gin and tonics, can make an excited man. It can also make angry men watching the excitement even angrier. Some could call that reaction judgmental.

Judgy McJudge-Alot sat staring at Happy McHapystance yesterday evening after a long, arduous day of business negotiations. Both men have VIP status in the world (probably even more so in their minds).… [Read more]