4 Best Degrees to Serve Your Country and Community

While every hard-working person with gainful employment makes an impact on the nation, some professions and positions make markedly more of an impact. These are the positions that influence medicine, science, law and the government itself.

Let’s take a look at the four most influential degrees that you can obtain. These degrees will help your community and your country as a whole.… [Read more]

Green Light: What You Can Expect During the Immigration Process

Immigration can be a lengthy and drawn out process with many steps involved. If you’re looking to become a citizen, you should know what to expect.


The first step for immigrants who want to permanently live in the United States is to obtain an immigrant visa, typically in the categories of either family sponsorship or employer sponsorship.… [Read more]

Awkward People Unite!!

I believe in talent – and I believe that truly creative talent fills a need.  In some cases it satisfies our need for humour and, for some of us, that humour helps us learn about ourselves. 

Today’s post is an interview with Ms. Issa Rae, (pronounced “EE-sa  Ray”)  the unique and talented writer, director, producer and star of the web-series “The Misadventures of AWKWARD Black Girl”  (ABG). [Read more]