Adios, DeMintia!

Tea Party ideologue Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) announced his resignation last week to take the reins at the conservative Heritage Foundation from longtime head Edwin Feulner. Feulner’s poking into seven-figure compensation easily means the quitting junior senator won’t be slumming off a measly $175,000 government salary next month.

The notorious South Carolina filibustering obstructionist should have Heritage Foundation staffers ordering a pallet load of Rolaids.… [Read more]

Allow Me To Introduce the “Green Tea Party”

There is an up-and-coming political group, deeply conservative and spawned from the power struggles of the last decade, gaining traction by stoking the fires of fiscal dissatisfaction and social frustration that are gaining more traction with the voting populace.

This party’s platform includes such charming planks as radical nationalism, anti-immigration reform, a belligerent distaste for taxes, and a blind eye to programs that help struggling school districts, unions, and recipients of social welfare.… [Read more]

Chicago’s South Side Self Identity

Something unique about growing up on Chicago’s south side was all the amazing people I met.  From teachers to friends and family, I learned valuable lessons of trust, camaraderie and fairness.

The lessons that I learned then resonate now.  What’s strange to me today when I look back is how if I met half these role models today on the street or in social circumstances that we’d have very little in common.  … [Read more]