Sociopaths and Sweets: Hostess, the Latest Example of Corporate Greed Run Amok

A sociopath is someone whose behavior is often criminal and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience. It is a term most frequently applied to individuals, but one that can easily be used in the context of corporate misbehavior, particularly when management makes decisions based on its own needs without regard for the consequences for its workers or shareholders.… [Read more]

Why Corporate Fraud Is So Rampant

There’s an interesting article on Why Corporate Fraud Is So Rampant: Wall Street’s Cop by Preet Bharara, United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York.

A quick recap of the article:

… To the apparent surprise of many in the room, I observed publicly that insider trading appeared to be rampant…. has permeated numerous industries, sectors, and geographical regions…… most educated, successful, and moneyed professionals in the country put their companies — not to mention their own liberty — at risk by engaging in flagrant and foolhardy illegal conduct…

The author then proposes solutions that are simply not going to work.… [Read more]

Talkin’ ‘Bout a Revolution: What America (and the World) Needs

So, while trying to pick a topic for this week’s blog post, I thought of many political things that are annoying me.  President Obama’s support for at least the southern half of the Keystone XL Pipeline, the absence of a viable presidential candidate whom I can get excited about, the lack of political will to pass the much needed Buffett Rule on Taxation (let alone true tax reform), continued legislative attacks on women’s health and rights, and the stalling of the Student Loan Forgiveness Act in Congress all came to mind.  … [Read more]

Little Piggies

A song appropriate for an election year….

Politicians who remind us of those officials of yesteryear who supported the robber barons; the continued corporate greed and unwillingness to ‘play fair’ by supporting the nation’s coffers.

Now it’s not just ‘the economy, stupid’, it’s about controlling the excesses so that the economy doesn’t slip again. Contrary to the GOP’s behaviour and the Paul Ryan budget plan which would, once again, reward the 1% while placing even more of a burden on everyone else, greed is not good.… [Read more]