Cost of Living by State

Looking to retire? Start a family? Or just tired of how much it costs to live in your state? Check out this interactive infographic. In it you will find a state-by-state comparison of what residents spend on average  for housing, income tax, utilities, college tuition, gas, healthcare, car insurance and property taxes. Click on each header tab and the respective state to find the information you seek:

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The Land That Eats Its People

In Israel we have a saying, “ha eretz sheh okalet yoshvah:” the land that eats its people. Indeed, the cost of living in Israel is exorbitant. Rental prices are comparable to those in New York. Gasoline is almost $8.00/gallon. The cost of heating one’s home in the winter can be as high as $400/month and the cost of electricity steadily rises, this year by 6.6 percent.… [Read more]