Obviously, I had a lot to say about education. So much to say, in fact, that I wrote a 4-part series about it and still couldn’t say it all. My head was brimming over the top with opinions, observations, and accusations that rendered me restless. I was hoping to be purged of it all after Part 4, but a few limbs had to be severed for the sake of concise compositional flow, and now, like something out of a horror flick, they’ve taken on lives of their own and they’re out to get me.… [Read more]

Stumped, Part Two: Born Into This

As we discussed in my last article, American education is in crisis. The evidence is well-known: flat-lining and/or sinking test scores, disproportionate dropout rates, far more skilled jobs than qualified workers, misguided government policy, skyrocketing costs amidst a declining economy, etc etc. Much heated debate surrounds these issues, and it all sounds like attacking the symptoms instead of the illness itself.… [Read more]

How Did We Get Here?

Sometimes the best approach to moving forward is to take time to look back in order to see what we’ve come through and what, if any, lessons we’ve learned. While economists say that America’s economy is pulling itself out of the economic downturn, with the global economy still on shaky ground it is clear that America still a long way to go to achieve across-the-board economic stability.… [Read more]