If anyone can head a Global Institute, it’s a guy who used to lead the CIA, right?

David Petraeus, the retired Army General who resigned as the director of the CIA last autumn, has a new gig: he’s taken a position job with investment firm Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. as the head of their newly formed Global Institute division.

Petraeus, who served as commander of NATO forces in Afghanistan and forces in Iraq in 2007 and 2008, resigned from a brief stint at the CIA under a scandalous cloud after an extramarital affair with a biographer.… [Read more]

Why is This News? Should Some Things Be Considered “Newsworthy” At All?

I’ll admit it. I’m probably the least political writer on this site.

I write a lot about education, and occasionally I’ll get fired up enough to write about my political leanings in areas like abortion and women’s rights.  I’ll write political leaders letters when I feel like they have taken a wrong turn, which is often since you know…government.… [Read more]

American Sex Scandals: Laughter, Lust and Hypocrisy

Nothing drives a good, gripping Yankee scandal like the sex angle. Ken Lay and his Enron dweebs, or Bernie Madoff, King Ponzi fleecing zillions from his socialite pals? So what! The ever-obliging US justice system makes sure that they achieve the near-ultimate in criminal sentence deterrence nirvana, the somber judicial pronouncement that makes any true citizen  burst with pride knowing their courts are on the job… “Sir, you will die in prison”, a result not to be confused with sentencing perfection for the most odious perps – execution.… [Read more]

The Good Wife

Why is everyone piling insult upon the injury in Holly Petraeus’ life? Because she doesn’t look like a hot young model? Because she looks like a 50+ year old woman who raised her family and moved numerous times because of her husband’s job?

Why is it expected that she is supposed to take the blame for his indiscretion?… [Read more]

“Oh No, Not Again!” Coping with Perpetual Outrage Syndrome

I feel tired. But not for the usual reasons, like trying to balance motherhood, significant other, full-time job, and all the activities and responsibilities that come with the “Superwoman Myth.” I’m tired because there’s only so much outrage I can muster on a constant basis.

It seems like I once had an inexhaustible supply. But after being whipsawed back and forth with rage-inducing episodes like this and this – and ongoing affronts like this – my storehouse of outrage is depleting.… [Read more]

Holding Himself Accountable: C.I.A. Director Gen. Petraeus Resigns

“Old soldiers never die, they just fade away.”

The year was 1951, before even many AARP card carriers among us were born. Five star General of the Army Douglas McArthur intoned these swan song words before a Joint Session of Congress.

Nearly sixty years hence, it might well seem that columnists like me seem to chase the journalistic mantle of The National Enquirer and Rupert From Oz Murdoch, instead of the “All the News Fit to Print” mantra of The New York Times.… [Read more]