Right now, the POTUS is not blinking

“We are not going to pay a ransom for America paying its bills.” ~ President Obama

The 8-day old U.S. government shutdown has been described as ‘a game of chicken‘. Today at a press conference, President Obama announced that he spoke with House Speaker John Boehner and told him that “Hanging the threat of economic chaos over the heads of the American people should not be part of any discussion about the government shutdown.”  … [Read more]

Municipal Debt and Congressional Hypocrisy

Since the City of Detroit made history by declaring the largest municipal bankruptcy in the nation’s history, there has been much talk about credit ratings, debt burdens and the legalities of bankruptcy, which allows those who declare it to take time to restructure their financial obligations and, often, to repay less than what was previously owed.… [Read more]

Ask Mrs. Vera: The three-month delay in the debt ceiling impasse

Dear Mrs. Vera,

I was hoping to take my family grocery shopping during the first quarter of 2013, but my husband wants to wait to see what Congress does first. He thinks if we wait until after June, it can be a sort-of early Christmas gift and teaching lesson for any of our remaining children, who are all convinced that Santa will surely step in and save them at some point, hopefully by running for the next available Senate seat in Alaska.… [Read more]

House GOP Super Bowl Strategy: “Punt”

It’s probably a good thing the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus doesn’t employ one John Boehner of Cincinnati as a lion tamer. In a day when our children’s safe learning environment is trumped by somebody’s archaic Eighteenth century delusion of “firearms freedom,” our Speaker of the House again gets ineptly lashed by his own whip instead of convincing an unruly pride of big-toothed felines.… [Read more]

Ask Mrs. Vera: What About a Trillion Dollar Coin?


Dear Mrs. Vera,

What do you think about a Trillion dollar coin as a solution to the debt ceiling issue? Owe-verwhelmed in Owe-maha

Dear Ow-weema-wa Ow-weeema-wa,

Thank you for your question regarding the appropriate, grown-up response to handling the debts one has incurred in the process of making both the continued existence of millions and millions of Americans living in poverty barely possible while simultaneously continuing to inflate the wealth of the bagful of elite, expensive-chair-breaking multimillionaires who’ve got it all, except for that part that helps workers eat and do whatever it is the poor do with all that free time.… [Read more]

Still, It’s Easier Than Dealing With Republicans

After months of frustrating negotiations, I finally came to a deal with my dogs last week that allows them to crap on the living room rug as much as they like.

It was a bipartisan deal, the product of weeks of strenuous back-and-forth.

Considering how far apart we were at the onset, frankly, I’m amazed we made the deal at all.… [Read more]

Wrapping up Another Week With More Congressional Madness

There’s no such thing as a bad time for reflection. Taking a look back at the activities of the first week of this new year should enable us to see what went wrong, what we’re up against and, hopefully, what can be done differently in the future.

The 113th Congress — the most diverse ever — was sworn in this past Thursday.… [Read more]

Holiday Cheer for Boehner, Jeers for Us

Air Force One has landed; President Obama cut short his family vacation. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid  addressed the nation and legislators…of one party. Yes, it’s still holiday time in the nation’s capital as it is elsewhere so celebrations and relaxation are expected. But when you have a nation to run, and the taxpayers business to manage, it behooves you to drag your tired arse back to work to do the job the citizens elected you to do.… [Read more]

Republicans: A Profile Of The Classic Abuser

Note: Julie Driscoll’s article was originally published in August, 2011 on Examiner.com, re-published on AddictingInfo.org. 

As a former victim of domestic violence, in another lifetime, I learned a lot about the abusive personality. When it was over, and I was out, I became a domestic violence hotline counselor. The classes I took to train me for this job taught me two things.… [Read more]

The GOP, Seinfeld, Woody Allen and the Case Against Austerity

Although applied economics is a rather complicated matter, it seems to me that an eighth-grader should be able to figure out that policies that reduce the number of folks out there with cash to buy stuff will hinder an economic recovery, not hasten one. I am referring to the unprecedented cuts on state and local levels that have rendered unemployed thousands of public sector workers such as policemen, teachers and firefighters.… [Read more]