How Does Divorce Law Apply to Same-Sex Marriages in the United States?

For many same-sex couples across the country, the dream of one day wedding their partners was realized when individual states started legalizing gay marriage. Even more couples celebrated when the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the Defense of Marriage Act.

But the honeymoon has to end sometime. And many same-sex couples are starting to consider what approximately half of all married couples eventually face: Breaking up.… [Read more]

China: A Land of 20-Somethings with White Hair?

There is an old saying in China dating back well before the upheavals of the 20th century: “You are married until your hair turns white”. Now at a marriageable age, the post 1980s generation, also dubbed the Little Emperors and Empresses, seem to have a different take on things. And their feelings about marriage may just have a deleterious effect on another of China’s most notorious institutions—the one-child policy.… [Read more]

Love Bites

We pay the price for the sins of our fathers. In no realm is this more obvious than the post-divorce status of the modern American male. Vilified, sometimes rightfully so, most often not. A series of hoops to jump for that Y chromosome have been implemented because the vile minority have shown how low we can go.… [Read more]