Resurrection…and why what you say should match what you do.

Today, Easter Sunday, is the day when many around the world celebrate resurrection, the miraculous return to life of Jesus Christ. Whether or not one is a believer, the story is interesting and presents many lessons from which we can learn about the power of change and belief. Like many people, I enjoy finding a lesson in stories; learning from events in others’ lives fosters growth and development.… [Read more]

Easter Sunday 2012

There we were Easter Sunday morning, birds were awakening, the sun rose and Christians all over the world were celebrating the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth, Son of God. The faith of over one billion people hinges on this one premise. Priest, Ministers and Pastors all over the world lead their flocks through ritualistic ceremonies reenacting the rising from the dead of Jesus of Nazareth, as the risen Son of God.… [Read more]