Education Before Literacy Reduces Poverty: Barefoot College

Education may not necessarily mean literacy. In fact the very definition of literacy shows it simply to be the ability to read and write, whereas education involves the gathering of knowledge that is focused in specific studies. Sanjit “Bunker” Roy (often referred to as “Bunker Roy”) understands this fact and it is one of the driving forces behind the continued development of his brainchild: the Barefoot College.… [Read more]

If You Read A Kid A Book…Can You Save Our Country?

This post is not about how vital it is to read to your kids.

I’m fairly certain that anyone reading anything on this site is quite aware of the importance of reading to and talking with children.  There really is no age that is too early to begin this.

You all know this.

There is no debate.… [Read more]

An Open Letter To The Black Church

*Editor’s Note: We believe that this article, written by Ryan C. Mack* is fitting in honour of Black History Month. Effective education and economic empowerment have been described by some as the last Civil Rights frontiers.


We need you to step up!

The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Consumer Expenditure Survey in the year of 2008 calculated the average annual contribution of Black households to religious organizations was $683. … [Read more]