Rigging the Presidential Election

Let me start by saying I think the entire Electoral College process stinks. It’s antiquated and subject to manipulation. Although I don’t think that it will happen in my lifetime, I believe that it’s time to move to a popular vote process.

If Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act and the need for affirmative action can be argued as outdated, why can’t the Electoral College process?… [Read more]

You’ve got a real winner there, Pennsylvania. Electoral Vote-Rigging and Lobbyist Gifts..what else?

Will Pennsylvania’s governor, Tom Corbett, stand against electoral vote-rigging? Based on reports disclosing that he took $11,000 in gifts from lobbyists and business executives, and that he’s seeking to reform the state’s two pension systems in a manner that will raise costs, why would anyone expect him to do the right thing where upcoming elections are concerned?… [Read more]


Today is National Voter Registration Day. According to The Root, the goals of the “nonpartisan coalition of organizations, volunteers and celebrities behind National Voter Registration Day is working to achieve the following goals:

  • Register Voters: A network of a thousand organizations operating on the ground and through social media will register tens of thousands of voters in the field and tens of thousands more online–while also receiving pledges to vote from the already registered.
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