It’s A Wrap – Week In Review, March 11, 2012

What’s going on, brothers and sisters? OK, if you’re wondering why I’m calling you “brother” and “sister” it’s not because I’m having a 1970s throwback moment. It’s because I think that, like family, we’re all in this together — whether we like it or not. Frankly, I like the ‘brothers and sisters’ tag because it surely beats the names that are thrown about today (*STILL giving the side-eye to you, Rush Limbaugh…*He wasn’t joking; he was, and still is, quite serious).[Read more]

Empowering Women

It’s March. It’s National Women’s History Month. This year, the theme is women’s empowerment. ¬†It’s rather appropriate given that so much of the national discussion involves women’s rights, women’s bodies and the War on Women.

This advertisement was prominently featured in last Sunday’s New York Times; the writer’s thank you letter to Rush Limbaugh¬†clearly notes that the women of America are fully prepared to stand up and “crush the Republican party.”… [Read more]