The Rise of Fake News and How to Avoid it

The New York Times recently reported that Donald Trump said he did not use vulgarity to describe Haiti and African countries late last week. Yet according to lawmakers, some confirm the comments the president made in a meeting regarding immigration reform and others “do not recall” the comments referring to these countries as “s***holes”. This story will likely remain a “he said” “she said” debate until another prevalent or infuriating news article surfaces and steals its glory.… [Read more]

Online Con Artists: Six of the Scariest Scams of 2015

As technology evolves, so do the criminals and scammers who use it. In the past year, several online scams made headlines, from the use of online dating services, to gift cash, to conning Facebook users into spreading spam. Looking at these different instances we see how the use of technology is affecting the way crime is being done.[Read more]

Virtual Citizenship

So Facebook has come out with a phone…or at least Facebook Home that can be downloaded on select Android phones. Or you can buy the HTC First for AT&T.

Or you can just not get the phone like the rest of us.

This past week I got into a conversation about the phone and Home on Facebook (the irony is not lost on me).… [Read more]

The Facebook Woes

Oh Facebook.

As U2’s Bono crooned, “I can’t live…with or without you.”

Almost everyone I know is on Facebook.  I must check it ninety-bazillion times a day. On my desktop, my phone, my laptop.  It’s gone from something for fun to pure habit.  If I am idle for more than five seconds, I find myself scrolling through my Twitter feed or checking my Facebook feed or peeking at Instagram.… [Read more]

Social Media and Education

I have been “on the internet” (if you count e-mail) since before most of my students were born.

(Side note: Holy Moses. How can that be true?? I am so youthful! Ahem.)

In college (late 90’s/early 00’s), I had my first website — a sample teaching site I created using DreamWeaver that I thought was amazing (it was not, and I never used it again).… [Read more]

Mitt the Twit…ter Man

Recently, Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney announced that his campaign was poised to pick his running mate. A collective, “OK Whatever” rang out, especially when more and more political pundits and registered voters are becoming increasingly interested in Mitt’s tax returns. Sensing that the running mate selection game was losing steam, if it ever really had any, Team Willard decided to go the way of social boldness by declaring that the next potential Vice President of the U.S.… [Read more]

“Eat Mor Chikin” – Nah, I’m good.

My Beef with Chick-fil-A

Today is my early day.  Ideally, I’d go home to drop off my things, and head to the Chick-fil-A on Exit 13 – it’s my favorite location. The nuggets there are always fresh, waffle fries are always crisp, and when I order a ‘half and half, more tea than lemonade,’ they make it perfectly every time.  … [Read more]

Social Media Can Inspire…

…blinding rage.

Don’t Hit me with False Statistics

Social media is known to have many benefits, included among them are professional networking and connecting with people with whom we share similar interests. However, as with any other medium by which a wide range of people can gather, there are negatives as well — and at the top of the list is the lack of privacy and oversharing.… [Read more]

Keeping a Little Known Estate Tax Avoidance Strategy Under the Hoodie

Today, Mark “The Hoodie” Zuckerberg took over Wall Street. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re aware that Facebook’s Initial Public Offering (IPO) hit the stock market earlier this morning. Personally, I couldn’t tell an IPO from an IRA or an IOU so I’ll spare you the Wall Street color commentary. But what I have found interesting in the Hoodieverse is the decided lack of investigative reporting surrounding the public offering.… [Read more]

Civil Political Discussions…with Grandma?

It started with my husband’s grandmother. The dear, sweet, old lady we had the pleasure of visiting a few short years ago found Facebook and,  at least from my perspective, lunged out of her political closet, flaming our liberal friends, arrogantly peddling her Fox News views and generally making a hot, conservative mess of herself all over our virtual social scene.… [Read more]