How Rates of Drug Use in American Teens Have Changed

Drug abuse rates have always been a concern for Americans. More specifically, they have been concerned with teen drug use rates. Our culture and social norms have changed from generation to generation and what causes these changes is still mostly up for debate. Since 2008, drug use in teens has gone up and down. But in general, teens have been using less hard drugs, even though marijuana use has gone up.… [Read more]

Americana Family: Trends in Childbirth and Rearing for Millennials

When it comes to Millennials, those between the ages of 23 and 34, ideas about child birthing and rearing tend to deviate from earlier generations. Trends in these aspects of having and raising children will inevitably tend to change with prevailing attitudes. Since Millennials place different values on what is important, as concerns their children, it is understandable that they will endeavor to indulge a new generation of children with these values.… [Read more]

Family Bonding Through Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is catching on here in Singapore. In the last few years there have been rock climbing schools sprouting up all over the island. Many high schools and tertiary schools have rock walls installed on the premises and it is even an extra curriculum activity for the students. It is great that this activity is now also available for younger kids 4 years and up so my boys are able to get a chance to try it out.… [Read more]

The Land That Eats Its People

In Israel we have a saying, “ha eretz sheh okalet yoshvah:” the land that eats its people. Indeed, the cost of living in Israel is exorbitant. Rental prices are comparable to those in New York. Gasoline is almost $8.00/gallon. The cost of heating one’s home in the winter can be as high as $400/month and the cost of electricity steadily rises, this year by 6.6 percent.… [Read more]

Talkin’ ‘Bout a Revolution: What America (and the World) Needs

So, while trying to pick a topic for this week’s blog post, I thought of many political things that are annoying me.  President Obama’s support for at least the southern half of the Keystone XL Pipeline, the absence of a viable presidential candidate whom I can get excited about, the lack of political will to pass the much needed Buffett Rule on Taxation (let alone true tax reform), continued legislative attacks on women’s health and rights, and the stalling of the Student Loan Forgiveness Act in Congress all came to mind.  … [Read more]

The Simple Life

In researching my family history recently I discovered a few amazing facts. My maternal grandmother, Bridie Barry Sullivan, grew up on a remote isle off the cost of southern County Kerry, Ireland. Every day she and her family would catch fresh fish and would take a small boat into the shores of Chirseveen, Ireland for school times.… [Read more]