Ariel Sharon’s Great Epiphany

It is not spoken of much today but I vividly remember the Summer of 2005; Israeli soldiers physically removed Jewish settlers from the Gaza territory. The settlers, resisting with screams and kicks, cursing the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) soldiers. One memory will never escape my mind; it is that of a settler holding his infant out of the window from the top floor of his home threatening to drop the baby if the soldiers took another step towards his home.… [Read more]

What Happens When There Are No Cameras

Israel Defense Force (IDF) Lieutenant Colonel Shaul Eisner has been dismissed from his command for the next two years following the beating of a Danish pro-Palestinian protester last week in the Jordan Valley.  The incident which was caught on film sparked quite a controversy and called into question once again long criticized tactics by the IDF and allegations of excessive force.… [Read more]