The “Socialist” Internet Peril

Remember the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)? Yes, the billionaire Koch Bros./Corporate America shadowy group feeding Right-wing boilerplate bill language to “help” write legislative bills. In their favor, of course. For all their money, they still aren’t omnipotent.

Last week, in Georgia, far from being a bastion of liberalism, a bill fronted by ALEC shill state Rep.… [Read more]

Martina Davis-Correia: In Memoriam

In lieu of an article, Borderless News and Views is posting this letter from Jen Marlowe, critically acclaimed writer and director, human rights activist and creator of Donkeysaddle Projects. Ms. Marlowe sent us this appeal on behalf of the family of Martina Davis-Correia, activist and sister of the late Troy Davis.

For those who may not recall, Troy Davis was executed by the State of Georgia despite glaring discrepancies in evidence in the case against him; witnesses changed their testimony — and many of his supporters worldwide noted that evidence in the case had too many doubts for Davis to be executed.… [Read more]