What Should Weight Mean?

Would you rather lose some of your life than be fat?

Almost 50% of the people who took a Yale survey said yes; they would give up a year of their life to be skinny. Think about the implications of this. Our society has become so warped that people would willingly live shorter lives as long as they look better.… [Read more]

Nerdy Girls

This isn’t exactly a revelation: I’m a nerd. And a science geek. And I like math because unlike far right extremists numbers make sense. Don’t judge…There are many of us, and we’re roaming freely among you.

We’re the women who watched reruns of the original Star Trek (live long and prosper!) and Battlestar Galactica when we were young girls.… [Read more]

Surviving, But Not Always Thriving

“Wars of nations are fought to change maps. But wars of poverty are fought to map change.”

~ Muhammad Ali

President Lyndon B. Johnson introduced poverty legislation in his January, 1964 State of the Union address. It was during that speech that the War on Poverty was officially introduced. The President’s speech led to congressional action: passage of the Economic Opportunity Act which directed federal attention and dollars toward programs designed to improve the welfare of economically disadvantaged citizens.… [Read more]

To Rule The World, Follow Instuctions and Repeat (Often)

“Five to ten million adolescent girls and women struggle with eating disorders and borderline eating conditions.”

“Among children in grades 1 – 3, 42% want to be thinner.”

“An average US woman is 5’4″ tall weighing 140 pounds; the average US model is 5’11” weighing 117 pounds!”… [Read more]