Wait, Climate Change is Real? How Extreme Weather is Waking Up the Nation

If you’re on the East Coast of the United States (or, okay, pretty much anywhere in the United States), how are you holding up in this heat? If you’re like me, you’ve sequestered yourself indoors, occasionally opening the front door a crack to see if the heat still blasts you in the face like an oven, and only venturing outside when the air feels breathable instead of like something you could swim through.… [Read more]

Scorched Earth

Spring is here! My windows are open. Birds are singing. A sweet breeze is wafting through the room. I can step outside in a t-shirt. I can hear lots of sketchy people partying in the abandoned shack behind my house well into the wee hours of morning…

But so what?! It’s been spring for months! At least here on the east coast.… [Read more]