The Year of the GOP Snake

“Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes?” –Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)

By the Chinese calendar, 2013 ought to have been a banner year for conservatives. As crestfallen Ann Romney soaks up tears with Kleenex bought by the carload at Costco, and Karl Rove squirms at megadonor angst over Crossroads GPS’ lame  batting average in November’s election, Republican delusions of a 2010 redux string of victories evaporated almost as quickly as Sarah Palin’s and Dick Morris’ fat Fox News paychecks.… [Read more]

Dear Mrs. Vera: How will the USA survive without Saturday mail delivery?

Dear Mrs. Vera,

Now that the US Postal Service is ceasing mail delivery on Saturday, how will the USA survive?

Mailless in Matamoras

Hello dear readers. I’m deluged as usual by Saturday’s post, and I’m going to say right off the top of the old bat that my Saturdays will be a heck of a lot easier knowing that a full 1/6th of everybody’s remaining problems have now been solved by a stroke of a pen, though I do wish it had been mine.… [Read more]