The Bilderberg Group Revealed: Power of Global Elites

The world may not be run by politicians, but rather by a select group of wealthy and powerful individuals who meet in quasi-secret. Are you aware that a little known society meets every year to make decisions on economic and energy policy, social policy and even an individual country’s foreign policy — decisions that affect everyone?… [Read more]

The Limitations of the United States and its President

Despite his empty-chair-talking tendencies, I still remain a fan of many of Clint Eastwood’s movies. And one of my favorite Eastwood scenes occurs in the Dirty Harry film Magnum Force where Clint observes “Man’s got to know his limitations.”

I only wish more people heeded this advice.

Most recently, the Romney campaign has been peddling the asinine idea that riots in Egypt, Libya, Yemen, etc.;… [Read more]