A Public Teacher’s Thoughts on Homeschooling

Let me start by saying that I very much support those who choose to homeschool their children. I have friends who homeschool and they do such outstanding things, sometimes I secretly wish my boys could be homeschooled…by them!

That being said, I always find it interesting to talk to people who homeschool. I am just interested, especially as a public school teacher, why they choose to homeschool.… [Read more]

Getting Schooled Part IV: Homeschooling

This is part four in a five part series on school choices.

Part I is an introduction with statistics.

Part II is about Private Schools.

Part III is on Charter Schools.

This time around I’ll be giving the pros and cons of homeschooling.

Homeschooling is defined as educating children outside of a formal school setting at home, usually by parents, but sometimes by a tutor.… [Read more]