Thoughtcrime – Future Pandemic?

Some have seen Minority Report, the film based on a Philip K. Dick science fiction short story centered around a protagonist of the future crime division in charge of apprehending criminals. The twist is that said criminals have yet to commit the crimes. Some have no clue of what they are about to do yet, under the authority in the future setting of this story, it is entirely legal to be arrested prior to committing a crime.… [Read more]

America’s Screen Door

Yer obedient scribe reflected on the state of the US–Canada border this week as he passed a few pleasant days in Sault Ste Marie, the Ontario jewel set on the edge of Lake Superior country. The Sault and its American twin are border town throwbacks, where the Ambassador Bridge to Michigan remains an unlatched screen door compared to the Homeland Security fortresses and their grim guardians installed at most US points of entry since 9/11.… [Read more]