Slave New World

Leaning back in comfy mechanical beds. Channel-surfing. Gorging on an unlimited supply of free food. Joking around until 4 or 5 in the morning with my friend John in our shared room at a medical research facility, recovering from a mild case of government-induced malaria. This is a highly unlikely scenario any way you slice it, but it’s downright surreal to think that it was under these circumstances that John and I had an epiphany about the harsh realities of globalization, free-market economics and the irreconcilable, inescapable rabbit hole of conflicted interests that it has wrought on the entire human race.… [Read more]

Traffic Jam – Sex Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery

There are many unresolved issues to which we give our attention but, of all those issues, how many of us stop to think about the trafficking of humans for either sexual purposes or free labour? While we would like to think this heinous business ended a long time ago, unfortunately, that is simply not true — not around the world, and not even within the United States.… [Read more]