Chesa-‘Piqued’ Energy: A Fracking Nightmare Waiting to Happen

Though not personally invested in this stock, Chesapeake Energy has always been intriguing to me nonetheless. The more one reads about this company, the more interesting this company becomes.┬áHeaded by Aubrey McClendon, Chesapeake Energy is a publicly traded company based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and its financial interests lie mostly in the midwestern United States.… [Read more]

Frack Off?!? Et Tu, Governor?

In New York State, activists are about to hear a loud and resounding “Frack You!!” from the governor’s office. As is the case in other states, both sides of the contentious environmental issue, hydraulic fracturing (“fracking“), are having their say — though it seems that ┬áthose of us who want a say in the safety of our soil and the cleanliness of our air and drinking water have less of a say than our corporate counterparts.… [Read more]

Gas Companies are Becoming a Fracking Nuisance

I’ve been wondering something…With all of the things that are on the local and national agendas to discuss why hasn’t the issue of ‘fracking‘ made it to higher up on the list?  Actually, this shouldn’t have to be discussed; it’s actually ridiculous that this situation has been allowed to come so far.  It’s supposed to be a no-brainer that toxins should not be pumped into the ground to pollute our soil and water.… [Read more]