What Happens When There Are No Cameras

Israel Defense Force (IDF) Lieutenant Colonel Shaul Eisner has been dismissed from his command for the next two years following the beating of a Danish pro-Palestinian protester last week in the Jordan Valley.  The incident which was caught on film sparked quite a controversy and called into question once again long criticized tactics by the IDF and allegations of excessive force.… [Read more]

Invading Iran: Just Another Stimulus of the Package

When pretty much every reliable source tells you not to do something and you – you being the two most powerful people in the country – consider doing it anyway, one may immediately presume something is wrong with you

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and his once arch nemesis, now sidekick and right-hand man, Secretary of Defense Ehud Barak, have managed to leak their plan to attack the nuclear facilities in Iran.  … [Read more]