Greek Financial Crisis: Tsipras Gets a Second Chance

This year began with a call for sweeping change in Greece when the Syriza party reached new heights and its leader, Alexis Tsipras, became Prime Minister. With economic instability having plagued the country for the better part of a decade, the election results in January represented yet another shift in the national approach toward escaping debt and taking steps toward financial independence and prosperity.… [Read more]

The EuroZone Depends On Spain. Here’s Why…

Before tackling how and why the EuroZone’s well being is linked to Spain, some quick background is necessary. The EuroZone became such when the nation states decided after World War II that adopting a single currency for the region would be best. This was legislated in 1992 with the parameters that each nation had to adopt the Euro and drop its respective currency.… [Read more]

Weighed Down By the Burden of Debt

“The borrower is servant to the lender.” ~ The Bible, Poverbs 22:7

We’ve talked often at BNV about debt in its many forms – both personal and governmental. The fact that most nations have debt obligations is not news. The U.S.’ debt to China has been a point of political contention that continues to stoke the flames of partisanship and incite fervent Congressional battles.… [Read more]