A Merit Badge for the Modern Era: Boys Scouts of America and Gay Rights

In another progressive victory lately, a favorite national institution may be amending its stance on the matter of gay rights. The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) are considering officially changing their stance on acceptance of gay and lesbian scouts and scout mentors. This amendment would, if effect, remove the official national ban based on sexual orientation and leave the decision up to the local chapters and organizations to decide upon.… [Read more]

Unity, Progress and Peace

President Barack Obama’s second inaugural address to the nation on Monday was a reminder how far America has come and how far we need to go. He pointed out so boldly that America is at a turning point in its history. We can retreat back into the 20th century with old, stale and outdated thinking or America can forge ahead with a new dynamic, multiracial democracy, where all men and women of all races, sexual orientations and creeds are truly equal.… [Read more]