YouTube Ban Shows Lack of True Democracy in Pakistan

Pakistan’s government was trying to prove its commitment to Islamic ideals and sacredness of Islamic faith when it ordered a ban on YouTube in September following the release of the video Innocence of Muslims, which proved blasphemous to Islamic beliefs. The little religious storm in the political cup was soon over and today, hardly anyone seems to be bothered by the memory of that film.… [Read more]

A Problem With Religion

There are a lot of reasons to not adhere to a religion: more free time on the weekends, fewer dietary restrictions, less guilt associated with your own existence. As a non-religious person, I am an outsider, and as an outsider I can look at a situation like the attack that occurred in Benghazi, Libya, last Tuesday and see it objectively and without spiritual preconceptions.… [Read more]

Is killing sinners more important in Islam than saving lives?

The news in Pakistan has brought forth two stories that makes you wonder whether some aspects of Islam place a higher value on saving innocent lives or getting a sinner killed. The first tells of two children starved to death in the Sindh province where torrential rains caused considerable destruction, particularly to the poor part of the population.… [Read more]

Fire Starter

Meet Terry Jones. No, this is not Terence Graham Parry Jones of Monty Python fame, the Travelocity Terry Jones, the singer Terry Jones nor any of the numerous sports figure Terry Joneses. Rather, this is Pastor Terry Jones, The Man Who Burns Korans.… [Read more]