White Collar Crime: Who These Criminals Are Really Hurting

There’s no doubt white collar crime in the US is out of control. The number of white collar criminals have increased in proportion to the growth of industry itself, and the 2013 FBI report on white collar crime showed a decrease in the number of white collar criminals prosecuted. Perhaps, the decrease in prosecution is evidence that white collar criminals are far more sophisticated and less visible to legal authorities. … [Read more]

We have bigger fish to fry…

Hedge fund billionaire Steven A. Cohen, currently under the microscope for alleged insider trading and  getting underlings to take the rap for more sleazy deals in the pursuit of mo’ money, is probably relieved that similarly named Tennessee Congressman Steve Cohen (D) draws the limelight from financier Cohen’s less savory activities for tweets about how hot fifty-something punk rocker Cyndi Lauper still is.… [Read more]

The Ultimate Insider’s Club

Throughout its history Congress has had plenty of moments that are cringe-worthy and fully deserving of the American people’s contempt. Most of us fundamentally understand that despite the fact that Congress is elected to represent us, they are NOT us. Why do I say that? Because they are supposed to be held to a higher ethical standard but it often appears that they are not required to follow the same rules as everyone else.… [Read more]