Spies Like Us

Despite all the Ludlum-Jason Bourne film genre adaptations, Americans are pretty “Johnny-Come-Lately” lame for the snoopery schtick. For all the hype over the exposé from The Guardian (a newspaper NOT yet owned by “Rupert From Oz” Murdoch) over National Security Agency snooping of your Verizon call information, Guardian reporter Glenn Greenwald is a bit too tidy for Hollywood’s typecast scruffy, twenty-something Brit journalist with a hipster messenger bag meme getting snuffed by a Central Intelligence Agency hitman in London’s Victoria Station for his scoop.… [Read more]

What Is Intelligence?

Ahh, what would the world be without the occasional declarations by some Ashkenazi Jews to remind us of their superior intellectual prowess? Of course, their claims can be substantiated with little to no effort. Forget IQ tests, statistics or research papers to validate such claims; all one has to do is pull from their personal chronicles.… [Read more]