Dear Mrs. Vera: Why is Pope Benedict XVI resigning?

Dear Mrs. Vera,

What do you think is the REAL reason that Pope Benedict XVI is resigning?

Sister Mary Margaret McFeely Convent Station, New Jersey

Dear Sister Mary Margaret McMana Banana Fofanna FEE Fi Fo Fana McFeely,… [Read more]

Holy Hashtag!

Well, what do you know!  Pope Benedict XVI has an iPad and, as of four days ago, a Twitter account, @pontifex. In fact, he has seven Twitter accounts, all in different languages, and he already has 1,895,386 followers.

So, what does @pontifex tweet about? Just what you’d expect. There’s nothing controversial, there isn’t likely to be anything controversial and the tweets come in pairs — the first being a question and the next answering that question.… [Read more]